August 15, 2020

9am - Noon

This event is created for anyone who works with young people in a Catholic ministry setting. 

At Into the Heart we will form and inspire youth ministry leaders as they go forth in their community to accompany youth.

- V O L U N T E E R S

- P A R E N T S

- C A T E C H I S T S

- T E A C H E R S

- C O A C H E S

- C L E R G Y

- Y O U T H M I N I S T E R S

- C A M P U S M I N I S T E R S

- P A R I S H F O R M A T I O N L E A D E R S


Event Cost:

Individual Rate - $20 per person for groups of 1-4

Group Rate - $15 per person for groups of 5 or more


Cancellation/Refund Policy:

The Office of Youth Ministry will only accept cancellations for Into The Heart if written notice is given to by Wednesday, August 12, 2020. After this date all registrations will be considered final and no refunds will be offered.

1400 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Mon-Thurs 8am-5:30pm