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The Archdiocesan Youth Council (AYC) is comprised of high school students from throughout the Archdiocese of Indianapolis who assist in the planning and facilitation of Catholic youth events.


AYC serves as a leadership team that promotes youth participation in Archdiocesan activities as well as local parish involvement and strives to strengthen and excite youth in their faith.

All members of the AYC are expected to attend all regular session meetings.


As a part of your leadership formation, you will be asked to attend and reflect on a summer youth conference.


All members of the AYC are expected to attend the AYC Day of Reflection and at least one Archdiocesan Youth Ministry event.


All members are expected to notify the Associate Director of Youth Ministry should they not be able to attend a general session meeting or gathering.


All members of AYC are expected to remain involved with parish and deanery youth ministry programs and serve as an advocate and leader within those settings.


Applications and Reference Forms for the 2019-2020 school year are due by Wednesday, February 20, 2019. To apply, please complete the application.  

Please also have one of the following people complete your reference: Parish Priest, Youth Minister, Catechist, Teacher, Campus Minister, or another adult of your choice.


AYC Discerned Positions


The moderators will lead the meetings in cooperation with the Office of Youth Ministry and the Adult Coordinator of the AYC.


The council secretary will record the minutes at each meeting and submit them to the Office of Youth Ministry for review before being passed on to Council Communications.


Council communications will be responsible for communicating with the Council members as well as the Office of Youth Ministry.


The prayer coordinator will coordinate opening and closing prayer for meetings by either leading prayer or coordinating with other members.